Hockey Cribbage Pegs
Hockey Cribbage Pegs

Hockey Cribbage Pegs

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With my pegs, I laser engrave BOTH SIDES!! That way you don't have to remove the pegs to see which one is yours and lose your spot! They come as a set of two with matching pictures on the front and back. Let's not forget the FREE SHIPPING!

Each peg is sanded and tested to fit in a standard 1/8" hole. I also give each one a "Stress Test" to make sure they don't break. If they do break during the stress test, I'll just make a new one before I ship them out!

Specs and Features

  • Laser engraved on BOTH SIDES
  • 0.5" wide by 1.4" high
  • Tapered and rounded end to fit in 1/8" hole
  • Made with solid Maple
  • "Stress Test" to make sure they are solid pegs
  • Made by me in the USA!