Here are some of my most frequently asked questions!

Q: Can you make the burn patterns go a certain way?
A: I can, but it takes a very very long time to do it. The electricity always wants to flow through the path of least resistance and the weak spots in the wood and there is no way to tell where those spots are. I personally don't want to control them anyways because it would look to manufactured! Letting the electricity do what it wants truly does make each piece a one of a kind!

Q: Why type of wood do you use?
A: It's just plywood! I have used other woods depending on what I'm doing, but I mainly just use plywood. The reason is because with plywood I can make larger designs without having spliced seams in the piece. If there are splices in the wood, that becomes a weak spot and the electricity will want to follow it and it will just be straight lines.

Q: Do you cut out the pieces yourself?
A: Yes I do! I design all of the patterns myself on my computer through a special program that I have. Once I have the pattern made, I use my CNC (Computer Numerical Cutter) machine to cut them out. By doing this, if you want something custom or you want one of my pieces I already have made a different size, it ends up being a little cheaper in the long run because all I have to do is go into my design program and change the size of it and hit cut!

Q: What's in your solution that you use to do this?
A: That my friend is a secret! You can find out how to make it online, but I have tinkered with my secret sauce for about 2 years until I got it to work how I want it to work. This secret is in the vault that will never open!

Q: Can you make custom cribbage boards?
A: Yes I can! I can make whatever your heart desires! Just send me a message on the Contact Me page.

Q: How long does it take to get a custom cribbage board?
A: It takes around 1 week depending on what you want.

Q: What do I do if the magnet holding the cribbage board closed comes loose?
A: All you would need to do is just add a little dab of superglue and hold the magnet in place for a couple of seconds and it should be good as new. The magnets very rarely come loose. The board would need to be jostled around a lot for that to happen.

Q: Are the magnets strong enough to hold the cribbage board closed hanging up on the wall?
A: Yes they are! I give every cribbage board a shake test to make sure the magnet will hold. I use large and thick magnets to make sure it stays closed when it is hanging up on the wall so you won't loose your pegs. No guarantee that you won't lose them after you have already taken them out of the storage base!

Q: Do you make the pegs yourself?
A: The standard pegs that come with the cribbage boards, no I don't. However, I do make the laser engraved pegs myself!

Q: Does the saw-tooth hanger make the cribbage board wobbly when I'm playing?
A: Nope! I have some really nice felt pads that I also put on the back that are thicker than the saw-tooth hanger so there is a gap between the hanger and the table when you want to play. The felt pads on the back also keep the cribbage board flat when you are playing.

Q: Can you make a cribbage board without the electrical burns on them?
A: Yes I can! Even though my specialty is making cribbage boards that are electrocuted, I have made some cribbage boards in the past that have not been electrocuted for people that have bad eyesight so it would be easier for them to see the holes.

Q: Can you make something other than a cribbage board?
A: Yes I can! I specialize in making cribbage boards online, but I can make all sorts of other stuff. Just go the Contact Me page to send me a message.