Deluxe South Carolina State Cribbage Board
South Carolina State close up
South Carolina State opened base
South Carolina State magnet
South Carolina State full back
South Carolina State saw-tooth hanger
South Carolina State felt pad

Deluxe South Carolina State Cribbage Board

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Each cribbage board I make is electrocuted with 9,000 volts of electricity making each board a one of a kind! This board has 3 tracks with 121 holes for each track so all you have to do is play from start to finish which will make life so much easier for everybody! It also has a double skunk line at 60 and a single skunk line at 90. There's also a scoring row if you feel like being competitive and want to play more than one game in a row. If you don't use that scoring row, you can use the extra peg as a backup in case you lose one or break one!

This is a perfect piece for decoration when you're not playing it because it comes with a saw-tooth hanger on the back so you can hang it up anywhere you want! If you don't want to hang it up, it's just as cool as a table piece. It also has nice thick felt pads on the back so no matter where it goes, it will be ready to play and the saw-tooth hanger won't touch your table which means no scratch marks!

To top it off, this board has a hidden storage base to store EVERYTHING! It comes with a deck of cards, 9 pegs, and a set of directions and how to score points (just in case there are some arguments)! It's held together with a hinge on one side and is held closed with super strong magnets so you won't lose anything!

Specs and Features

  • 15" wide by 11.625" high with a thickness of 1.5" when closed
  • Weighs 2.06 lbs
  • 3-track with skunk lines and a scoring row
  • Hidden storage base to store the deck of cards and all of the pegs
  • Base is attached with a hinge and held closed with strong magnets
  • Saw-tooth hanger on the back to hang the board up as decoration
  • Thick felt pads on the back to keep it up high enough so the hanger won't scratch your table
  • Made by me in the USA!